Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) Grants

To achieve the countries growth on research and innovation, the ministry of higher education (MOHE) has initiated grants RM 741 million for 2 years running under RMKe-10. Four types of funds that have been initiated for private institution which is Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) in 2010 and in 2011 3 other types of funds which are Long Term Research Grant Scheme (LRGS), Exploratory Research Grants Scheme (ERGS) and Prototype Development Research Grant Scheme (PRGS).


Ministry of Higher education (MOHE) has allocated RM 200 million to fund research projects in Public University as well as Private University in Malaysia. The objective of the grant is to create quality human capitals and to encourage theory generation, new concept and idea that can catalyze new finding and innovative creation.

Research area categories as:-

  1. Pure Science
  2. Applied Science
  3. Technology and Engineering
  4. Clinical and Health Sciences
  5. Social Sciences
  6. Arts and Applied Arts
  7. Natural Sciences and National Heritage

2017 FRGS guidelines here


LRGS is for fundamental research that involves extensive scope and longer duration and requires high commitment. The grant can generate new advanced ideas and theories in the strategic niche areas to expand the boundaries of knowledge.

Seven niche for high impact factor are:-

  1. Global warming
  2. Infectious disease
  3. Tropical medicine
  4. Energy and air safety
  5. Food supply
  6. New development and add factor
  7. Information technology and communication (ICT)

LRGS guidelines here


PRGS is a program under FRGS to achieve new invention from clinical/research to commercialization for the growth of K-Ekonomi and New Model Economy. It includes proof concept, evaluation, up-scaling, pre-clinical and field testing.

2017 PRGS guidelines here

Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) Grants

SMART Challenge Fund

The Smart Challenge Fund (SMART Fund) is the government’s initiatives open to business and researchers interested in competing for funding opportunities for which the Government has identified the strategic and prioritised needs(new technologies, processes, products) with the expectation that the deliverables will solve national problems and identify long term solutions. The fund is open to Medium Size Company, STI Agency, Government Institution of Higher Learning, Research Institute, Private Institution of Higher Learning and Small Company.

Applications are open throughout the year. 

Full proposal must be submitted through the online system at

GO Fund

a) InnoFund (Enterprise Fund)

The Enterprise Innovation Fund is to increase the participation of micro-businesses, individuals in innovative activities and encourage technological innovation of new or existing products, process or services for commercialisation. The fund is open to Individual, Sole Proprietor, Micro Company and Small Company.

Applications are open throughout the year. 

Full proposal must be submitted through the online system at

b) InnoFund (Community Fund)

The Community Innovation Fund is to assist community groups in translating knowledge and ideas into products, processes or services that improve the socio-economic standing and quality of life of the community. The fund is open to Registered NGO, Community Group, Registered Cooperative and Village Security and Development Committee.

Applications are open throughout the year. 

Full proposal must be submitted through the online system at

Ministry of Finance (MOF)  

Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd (Cradle), an agency under MOF is a not-for-profit organization that manages the RM100 million Cradle Investment Programme since its inception in 2003. An additional RM175 million was recently added to this allocation under the 10th Malaysia Plan for 2011-2015.

For more information please go to the following link:

Cradle provides two types of grants, CIP Catalyst and U-CIP Catalyst. CIP Catalyst and U-CIP Catalyst are pre-seed conditional grants meant for technology- entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into life-changing products.

For more information please go to the following link:


Malaysian Technology Development Corporation

Commercialisation of Research and Development Fund (CRDF 1)

The grant is for the commercialization of R&D output from public and private University (PPU) / Government Research Institute (GRI) by a Spin-Off (“Syarikat Terbitan Universiti, STU”) or a Start-Up company.

For more information please go to the following link:

Application Form:

Human Life Advancement Foundation (HLAF)

The foundation is newly established active in the fields of education, technology transfer and sustainable development in developing world. It strives to be an innovative institution responsive to the needs of society for innovations, knowledge and technology by supporting fruitful interaction between firms, academia and public sector.

For more information please go to the following link:

Malaysia Toray Science Foundation (MTSF) Awards AND Grants

The aim of the Malaysia Toray Science Foundation is to contribute to the future prosperity of our country through building a firm foundation for scientific and technological progress by offering support for national scientific and technological advancement.

  1. Science and Technology Research Grant (STRG)
    Research Grants of up to RM60,000 each are awarded to Malaysian researchers below 40 years of age pursuing basic research in science and technology (limited to the fields of natural sciences, including the environment, but excluding clinical medicine and mathematics).
  2. Science and Technology Award (STA)
    Two (2) awards of RM30,000 are awarded to deserving Malaysian scientists in recognition of his/her outstanding achievements/ discoveries/ contributions in Science and Technology. The relevant guidelines and applications forms to the above two (2) Programmes can be downloaded from the website

Newton Fund Researcher Links Regional Workshops (South East Asia)

Newton Fund Researcher Links Regional Workshops bring together early-career researchers from the UK and other regional partner countries to allow them to make international connections that can improve the quality of their research. These grants are provided by the Newton Fund, a UK Government initiative funded by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, together with partner funders from Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. The Newton Fund aims to promote the economic development and welfare of either the partner countries or, through working with the partner country, to address the problems of low-income and vulnerable populations.

Deadline of Application: 19 September 2017, 16:00 UK time

Applications must be made online at

MAKNA Cancer Research Award 2017 

The aim of the MAKNA Cancer Research Award is to promote cancer research among young Malaysian scientists below 40 years

Ranjeet Bhagwan Singh Research Grant 2017

Dr Ranjeet Bhagwan Singh (RBS) Research Grant is an annual programme under the RBS Medical Research Trust Fund to be awarded to one (1) young Malaysian scientist to undertake medical/biomedical research.