Students at Quest International University Perak (QIUP) are encouraged to have a well-rounded education experience to develop interpersonal and communication skills while discovering other cultures. Students are also encouraged to participate in community services and activities. Student clubs and societies at Quest International University Perak include:

  • Music Club
  • Debate Club
  • Care Club
  • Innovation Club
  • Photography Club
  • Biotech Club
  • International Students Club
  • Human Resource Club

  • Student Representative Council
  • Pharmacy Students Society
  • Hindu Society
  • Christian Society
  • Sikh Society
  • Chinese Society
  • Muslim Society
  • International Commerce Club

  • Cricket Club
  • Badminton Club
  • Futsal & Football Club
  • Basketball Club
  • XQ Chess Club
  • Gamers Club
  • Indoors Club
  • Outdoors Club

Music Club

The QIUP Music Club brings together musically minded students to create top-tapping rhythms that jazz up QIUP events and celebrations. The university has a fully equipped music room that encourages beginners to surface their inner rock star by picking up new instruments and musicians to hone their chops. The club in 2017 organized the first edition of Talent Quest, an extravaganza showcasing the top performing arts talent in the university. Private instruction is also available from club seniors on request.

Debate Club

The QIUP Debate Club provides an arena for socio-politically aware students to verbally spar on the hot-button issues shaping our world today. These debates heighten their intellectual curiosity while infusing in them the important life skill of public speaking. Club members featured with distinction at the 2017 National English Olympics held at University Teknologi PETRONAS, clinching the storytelling category and finishing first and second runners-up in public speaking.

Care Club

The QIUP Care Club is the unofficial hub of co-curricular activities for the university’s Faculty of Medicine students. Club meetings focus on talks about medical careers, diseases, treatments and new discoveries in medicine and surgery. Medical advice is also provided as needed to both students and staff. The club this year pulled off two smash-hit events titled “Secret Santa” and “The Amazing Race Quest 2.0.” For the latter, committee members plotted the event across some of Ipoh’s most scenic spots.

Innovation Club

The QIUP Innovation Club is constantly buzzing with activity. Its mission statement is two-pronged: to foster creativity by pushing students to think out-of-the-box and unearthing talent that can be polished toward making QIUP proud. Club meetings are a democracy where all members are urged to table proposals the club can get behind and appeal to the largest possible chunk of students. Prominent amongst its many achievements are this year’s “Color Splash” event inspired by the Thai “Songkran” water festival and a mobile app development competition called “Hackathon.”

Photography Club

The QIUP Photography Club brings together students with a passion for taking pictures. It aims to develop interest in amateur photography among aspirants and helps level up the snapping skills of club members. The club voluntarily covers the university’s big-ticket events like Quest Night and Hari Raya. Moreover, committee members are always on hand to provide tutorials to those interested. Weekly meetings often take the shape of fun games like search & snap, while outdoor shoots at scenic locations are also organized.

Biotech Club

The QIUP Biotech Club operates under the umbrella of Quest’s Integrative Sciences & Technology faculty and as such seeks to advance knowledge about biotechnology as the frontier of modern science and its vast career potential for future graduates. Club meetings focus on new discoveries and their implications for society. Although newly founded, the Biotech Club is eager to expand its activities to attract students across the board and recently organized a “biohunt” highlighting the scientific applications of the many consumer items students use on a daily basis.

International Students Club

The QIUP International Students Club ensures that students from over 25 countries feel at home in Malaysia. It fosters a sense of community among them by organizing regular open houses to socialize, address complaints and elicit suggestions. Moreover, the club places special focus on celebrating the diversity of QIUP’s international students body by holding events marking the independence days or other days of national importance of the various countries, such as Mauritius Day and Uzbekistan Day.

Human Resource Club

The QIUP Human Resource Club is a career-oriented club that seeks to make students “job-ready” with the right soft skills so they dive into the corporate world with confidence after graduation. Club activities are designed to instill professionalism in members through training and development exercises including talks on interviewing techniques and mock job interviews. The club recently organized an open-to-all-faculties leadership and teamwork building camp at the Ulu Chepor resort, and is busy planning QIUP’s first career fair in 2017.

Student Representative Council

The QIUP Student Representative Council exists to enhance the students’ college experience and acts as a bridge between them and university management. Elected, elite students under the supervision of QIUP’s Student Affairs Division run the council. Its footprint is omnipresent on all university events, whether staged directly by the council or in collaboration with other clubs. These experiences instill problem solving and firefighting skills in council office holders and prepare them for real-life challenges. The yearly Quest Night—QIUP’s version of homecoming—is the council’s marquee event.

Pharmacy Club

The QIUP Pharmacy Students Society focuses on developing soft-skills and imparting broad, topical knowledge of public health issues to pharmacy majors. It aims to cultivate job-ready graduates that easily step into the rigors of professional life. Club members also run the state–of–the-art QIUP Pharmacy under the oversight of a career pharmacist. Additionally, they conduct regular in-house health screenings for staff and students, and occasionally do volunteer work locally such as their recent trip to Simee, the old folk’s home.

Hindu Society

The QIUP Hindu Society is the co-curricular home base for the university’s Hindu students. It stages events that promote their culture, traditions and religious practices. The club also actively promotes QIUP by organizing talks for SPM students that emphasize moral learning. Moreover, it sets up some of the university’s best-attended events such as the annual Akshaya and Deepavali celebrations where dresses, food and performances advertise Hindu culture and traditions.

Christian Society

The QIUP Christian Society spreads the message of racial and religious unity by embracing students of all stripes, while also being the hub of Christianity-related events on campus. Moral learning is the cornerstone of its many activities, such as singing worship songs, “sharing sessions” that highlight the meaningful life experiences of club members, and “energizers” in the form of message oriented games. Significantly, the club endeavors to guide young adults down the right path as Jesus intended.

Sikh Society

The QIUP Sikh Society though a faith-based club is not simply focused on reinforcing religious values among fellow Sikhs on campus. It also places a premium on inclusivity and the commonalities between Sikhism and other religions, thus encouraging inter-faith dialogue and empathy. The club stages the popular Vesakhi festival every year. In-house talks focused on Sikhism’s universal concepts of humanity, morality and spiritually are also regularly scheduled by the Sikh Society.

Chinese Society

The QIUP Chinese Society is another pillar of the university’s racial diversity and reflective of the country’s 1Malaysia social outlook. The club imparts to the student body at large a greater understanding and appreciation for Chinese culture, customs and history. The club is also responsible for organizing in-house versions of the Chinese calendar’s biggest celebrations such as Chinese New Year, the Moon Cake festival and Winter Solstice.

Muslim Society

The QIUP Muslim Society is focused on the welfare of Muslim students at the university, committed to giving them the comfort of community, and moreover to broaden the awareness of Islam among all students. The club is also responsible for staging the Hari Raya celebrations at QIUP. It recently organized the instructive “We Care” drive geared toward educating Muslims students about the importance of cleaning and decorating the prayer room. Club meetings frequently involve bonding exercises meant to bring members closer together as a group.

International Commerce Club

Calling QIUP’s International Commerce Club a nerd camp would be apt yet misleading. Though the club is enthusiastic about all things math, its main aim is to prepare future graduates for a dynamic and fluid job market. Additionally, the club plans activities for finance and accounting majors designed to lower stress and demonstrate how math can be lots of fun. It recently staged an open accounting and math quiz that drew over 70 school-going students with the winning group being offered scholarships to the university.

Cricket Club

QIUP’s fledgling Cricket Club is a labor of love for international students from cricket-playing countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The club aims to promote QIUP through the sport and soon after forming a team proved its mettle by qualifying for the Perak State League. Club members recently undertook a grueling string of training sessions with the Perak State cricket coach that helped them level up their skills. The team later won a friendly 50-overs format series against local amateurs.

Badminton Club

The QIUP Badminton Club is activity-focused and brings together lovers of the sport on campus. It promotes healthy living by engaging regularly in a cardio-intensive sport like badminton.  The club rents facilities at HST Ampang for weekly games, tourneys and instruction sessions for newbies. In addition to representing QIUP at local competitions, the Badminton Club also organizes amateur contests like the QIUP Closed & Novice Badminton Tournament 2017.

Futsal & Football Club

The QIUP Futsal & Football Club fields fleet-footed young men and women who represent the university at regional and national tourneys of the sports. Additionally, plans for in-house and inter-varsity futsal tournaments this year are in the works. Both the male and female “Eagles,” as all QIUP sports teams are known, have brought glory to the university time and again over the past years. Recently, they bagged 2nd runners-up positions at the Norali & Co. Futsal Tournament, while the female team in 2015 emerged runner-up at the MASISWA Sports Carnival.

Basketball Club

The QIUP Basketball Club is a collection of students who love playing or watching the fast-paced, action-packed sport of basketball. It welcomes players and spectators alike, with the aim of preparing teams that can compete with distinction in regional and national tourneys. Though recently founded, club members have participated in national-level competitions such as the UTAR Basketball Tournament 2017 and the MASISWA Sports Carnivals in 2015 and 2016. A former member of Perak’s national championship-winning basketball team presently coaches club members at public facilities in Gunung Rapat.

XQ Chess Club

The QIUP XQ Chess Club spreads awareness about the singular beauty of Xiang Qi, a Chinese chessboard game with a two millennia-old history that continues to flourish as a mental sport equal to western chess. The club welcomes all students irrespective of race and religion to discover     talent that can represent QIUP at local, state and national level tournaments. Weekly meetings of the club incorporate training sessions by committee members to polish the skill and technique of future competitors. Club members regularly compete in Xiang Qi tourneys across Malaysia while a QIUP-hosted event this year is also in the works.

Gamers Club

The QIUP Gamers Club is a congregation of hardcore gamers who live and breathe computer and console games. Naturally, then, club meetings revolve around passionate debates and presentations on old classics and new favorites. The club also pushes to change the gender bias associated with gaming by actively courting females, among whom interest in the sport is surging worldwide. A first ever in-house “DOTA 2” tournament under the aegis of the club is also in the works and slated for late 2017.

Indoors Club

The QIUP Indoors Club attracts students more inclined to jog their mental faculties than muscles. The idea is to unwind and enjoy classic rainy-day board games like chess and Uno. Club meetings often involve geeking out over the latest board games as individual members present their new favorites. The club frequently organizes in-house chess and Uno tournaments to great student interest and enthusiasm.

Outdoors Club

The QIUP Outdoors Club celebrates nature and its importance in the pursuit of healthy living. Club activities range from extreme sports like rock climbing and white water rafting to relatively sedate cardio workouts like jungle trekking and canoeing. A twin objective of the club is to create awareness among students of the need to protect national fauna and flora by embracing the 3R’s: reduce, recycle and reuse. The club last year organized the exciting Radak Adventure camping trip that included tasks designed to enhance teamwork among students.