1. My College Life” – Creative Writing by ​Monissha a/p Thiagu of Semester Three, Foundation in Science.

Monissha a/ Thiagu competed in the creative writing section of the English Olympics event which was held in February at Universiti Teknologi Petronas. The subject was “My College Life”.  Her story won third place out of fifty other entries from universities all over Malaysia.  QIUP is very proud of Monissha ​!​

2. Quest TESL students gives valuable feedback at Kita Boleh programme by Emylia Natasha Binti Saharuddin

3. “The Departure” – Creative Writing, Poem by Wai Ling Soo (Gisele) , Bachelor in Mass Communication (Honors) Journalism

Gisele has been writing poetry for two years since turning 18 and chose Journalism as a major because it involves writing.  She describes the process of writing poetry in this way – “Every edge of poetry is meant to be disclosed.  Words are like a mechanism that increasingly show the influence of a muse”