About Faculty

The Faculty of Business, Management and Social Sciences has two constituent schools – the School of Business & Management and the School of Social Sciences. It offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programmes designed to produce graduates who have sound grounding in theory and practice, posessing critical and creative mind, with concomitant ability to initiate innovative solutions to the veritable problems and challenges confronting the global economy, business and community at large. Our graduates would be able to engage in an increasingly flat world, demonstrate cross-cultural sensitivity and competence, and exhibit wholesome values.

Since its inception in 2011, the faculty has invested significant amount of resources in various endeavours to enhance the quality of teaching and learning in the faculty. The faculty has also since recruited distinguished scholars to spearhead its educational and research initiatives including generating greater opportunities for participation by our academic staff in various research projects of national and regional importance.

Research-led educational initiatives in the faculty provide students with the exposure to creative teaching pedagogies and current research methodologies that enrich their educational and learning experience. Innovative teaching and research methods not only challenge students, but also sharpen their analytical and problem solving skills.

We invite you to continue your further studies with us at the Faculty of Business, Management and Social Sciences.  Let our leading academics equip you with leading-edge knowledge and hone your business and organizational skills. Join us in the candid exploration and development of ideas and initiatives to meet the challenges of an increasingly knowledge-driven and complex world. Together let us venture into a journey of building a better future – a world of resourceful community and limitless opportunities for growth, oraganizationally robust, and environmentally sustainable.

Prof. Dr. Abdul Latif Salleh



The School currently offers two foundations, three diplomas, four degrees and one master’s programmes. The programmes are:

All our programmes were designed in consultation with industry leaders, scholars and professionals. Our programmes aim to instruct students on the relevant tools, skills and techniques related to business management. To ensure that our students are ready for the job market, they will also be exposed to and equipped with strategic and critical thinking skills. Apart from academic instruction, the programmes also emphasize on-going exposure and interaction with professionals in order to allow our students the opportunities to tackle real-life problems/issues and provide applicable solutions for clients, and thereby ensuring greater chances for their employability. To that extent, graduates from our programmes are job-ready and may have the options of entering a wide range of industries of their choice.

Students are assured of quality and affordable education that not only prepare them for employment but also for further studies at both professional and post-graduate levels. For some programmes, such as the Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons), our curriculum content is tailor-made to the specifications set by professional bodies, e.g. the MIA, ACCA, CIMA and CPA (Australia.

Apart from discipline-specific knowledge and development of cognitive abilities, our programmes also provide the opportunities and means for students to develop their soft skills such as communication, networking, and leadership skills. Such exposure and training are essential as we see our students as future leaders in industry and society at large, who are adept at meeting variegated challenges and initiating changes and actions for the betterment of our local and global community.


The School of Social Sciences currently offers one diploma and six degrees programmes. The programmes are:

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) TESL programme places a strong emphasis on the key aspects of teaching and learning, classroom management, and the practical knowledge needed to organise and manage curricular and co-curricular activities. In addition, students will have a good understanding about the structure, organization and management of educational Institutions.

For the Bachelor of Corporate Communication (Hons), Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons) (Journalism) and Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons) (Advertising) programmes, we will provide students with a solid foundation in communication concepts, managerial practices, strategic planning skills, and media handling skills within an organizational context, to help students to rise and manage real-life problems and future challenges.

Students will be instructed on the key theories and relevant concepts that cover important aspects of the communication industry in our specially designed framework combining comprehensive curriculum, engaging methodology and student-centered learning.