About Faculty

The Faculty of Integrative Sciences and Technology (FIST) was established in 2011. The Faculty comprises of three schools namely the School of Computing, the School of Engineering, the School of Biological Sciences as well as Foundation in Science. Since establishment, the Faculty has expanded in terms of physical facilities, academic programmes, number of students and staff members. The schools provide excellent teaching facilities, well-equipped laboratories and qualified academic staff. The Faculty constantly makes efforts to collaborate with industry leaders, as well as, leading researchers and academics in universities worldwide. Linkages have already been forged with experts in UK, India and Europe as well as with organisations in Malaysia.The Faculty of Integrative Sciences and Technology, Quest International University Perak, hopes to be the choice of students for a value-added education that prepares graduates to take up the challenges of the future. Training students for analytical and creative thinking, confident presentation skills and innovative problem-solving techniques is part and parcel of elements within the curriculum to ensure FIST graduates remain relevant and always sought after by employers.



  • To generate & conduct world-class, market-driven programmes for undergraduate and postgraduate students through dedicated academia in the fields of modern biotechnology, engineering, computer technology, chemical and physical sciences.
  • To promote and execute cutting-edge fundamental and translational research that stimulates innovation in priority areas of industry, ICT, engineering, agriculture, healthcare and manufacturing through inter-disciplinary approaches.
  • To forge and nurture strategic local and international partnerships and collaborative linkages to attain international recognition for a global responsibility and commitment to R&D as well as commercialisation and entrepreneurship.
  • To engage responsibly and innovatively with the community and society at large in building a caring and ethically sound next generation human capital
  • To empower, motivate and facilitate FIST graduates and staff to utilise their full potential to benefit the nation as responsible and committed alumni/global citizens.

What make us unique?

  • FIST staff and students are fully focused and oriented towards QIUP’s Vision and Mission.
  • Programmes are designed to meet needs of the workforce, after consultation with stake-holders.
  • Comprehensive knowledge in fundamental sciences is supported by relevant practical experience.
  • Emphasis is also on good research training, alongside experience during industrial engagement.
  • FIST provides a totally caring and supportive environment aimed at nurturing individual talents and developing a well-rounded, morally sound and ethically strong new generation of S&T graduates.